Three most important requirements from FCC SHAKEN orders

There’s a lot to read and digest in the FCC first and second report and order for SHAKEN. Wading through the rules and exemptions, we’ve identified three simple rules that will apply to most voice service providers in the U.S. Here we go…

Every voice service provider must:

  1. Use either STIR/SHAKEN or robocall mitigation on each call you originate with a calling number from the U.S. North American Numbering Plan (NANP).
  2. File a certification explaining how you use STIR/SHAKEN and/or robocall mitigation on calls you originate.
  3. Block calls from providers that do not have a certification on file.

The deadline for the first and second requirements is June 30, 2021. The deadline for the third requirement is September 28, 2021.

Some voice service providers might use either STIR/SHAKEN or robocall mitigation exclusively. Others will use SHAKEN on some calls and robocall mitigation on others. The determination whether to use SHAKEN or robocall mitigation is made on a call-by-call basis, not a provider-by-provider basis.

What about providers that don’t originate calls? They are not subject to the first requirement, but the others still apply. The FCC order states that it will import all listings from the Intermediate Provider Registry into the Robocall Mitigation Database.

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Three requirements from the FCC SHAKEN orders that apply to every provider