Canadian SHAKEN action plans due to CRTC

In December 2019, the Canadian regulator asked Canadian telephone service providers to submit an action plan to it by 24 February 2020 describing progress in implementing STIR/SHAKEN. Here’s an overview of the background leading up to this request and the information they want.


The CRTC issued a decision in January 2018, CRTC 2018-32, in which they said that Canadian voice service providers should implement STIR/SHAKEN to reduce caller ID spoofing and determine the origin of nuisance calls.

In June 2019, the CISC Network Working Group issued a status report on implementation. Progress was slow for several reasons:

  • A large portion of Canadian voice traffic is carried over TDM
  • Implementing an IP network is expensive and takes time
  • There was neither a Canadian PA (Policy Administrator) nor one or more CAs (Certificate Authorities) in place

On 9 December 2019, in CRTC 2019-403, the CRTC formerly approved the establishment of a Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority (CSTGA).

In this same decision, they also approved the recommendation that the Canadian Local Number Portability Consortium (CLNPC) be designated as the Canadian Certificate Administrator (CCA).

The CRTC stated that the CSTGA should select a PA within the coming months.

Finally, the CRTC set the expectation for a full STIR/SHAKEN implementation in Canada by 30 September 2020.

Service provider action plan report

In CRTC 2019-402, the CRTC requested each Canadian telephone service provider submit an action plan by 24 February 2020 providing the following information:

  • The status of the service provider’s STIR/SHAKEN implementation, including
    • IP migration
    • Equipment readiness
    • Testing
    • Limitations
    • Other related matters
  • Steps that will be undertaken, including a mitigation plan, to address issues and to ensure that the STIR/SHAKEN framework is effective and fully operational by 30 September 2020

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Canadian SHAKEN action plans due to CRTC