TransNexus comments on FCC robocall blocking notice

The FCC issued a call for comments on proposed rulemaking for robocall blocking. TransNexus responded to share our experience in deploying STIR/SHAKEN and robocall prevention solutions in telecom service provider networks. Here are highlights.

Comment summary

  • In working with service providers, we’ve found that many would rather give each customer choices on how or whether to block robocalls. One size doesn’t fit all.
  • We do not think that safe harbor should depend upon the degree of attestation.
  • We agree that safe harbor should cover blocking unsigned calls from providers who are participating in STIR/SHAKEN.
  • Safe harbor should not be limited to blocking calls originated by providers who neither sign calls appropriately nor participate in the traceback group.
  • Smaller, rural service providers cannot participate in STIR/SHAKEN as easily as larger carriers. Their calls transit several interexchange carriers—if any segment doesn’t support SIP over TCP/IP, then the Identity token will be lost. This is completely outside of the control of the smaller rural service providers.
    • Out-of-Band SHAKEN call authentication is a technical solution to this problem. It enables any service provider to participate fully in STIR/SHAKEN regardless of the network readiness of transit carriers who route their calls.
  • Many providers with legacy networks could participate fully in STIR/SHAKEN today by using a TDM-to-SIP gateway and a STIR/SHAKEN software solution that supports Out-of-Band STIR/SHAKEN call authentication.

The complete document with TransNexus comments is available here.


TransNexus STIR/SHAKEN solutions

We have developed STIR/SHAKEN software solutions that are available within our ClearIP and NexOSS software products. These solutions are deployed at telecom service providers in production.

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