Pindrop report on voice fraud attacks

Pindrop, a provider of voice security solutions that analyze audio, issued their annual Voice Intelligence Report. In this report, they found that 90 voice fraud attacks occur every minute.

Many of these fraud attack profiles involve confidence scams against unwary individuals or social engineering identity spoofing when calling enterprise call centers. The study did not cover voice toll fraud.

However, in reviewing this excellent report, we were struck by the variety of confidence scams that involved caller ID spoofing. The common thread: a fraudster painstakingly collects information about their target, then pretends to be them when they contact their bank, life insurance company, financial services firm, telephone company, and other organizations with whom the target has an account.

Clearly, these scams would be easier to defeat if caller ID spoofing could be detected. That’s what STIR/SHAKEN is for.

The Pindrop 2019 Voice Intelligence Report is interesting reading. Check it out!

And if you’re a representative of a voice service provider or enterprise call center, check out our information on STIR/SHAKEN and Rich Call Data. These emerging technologies will help make calls safer and more trusted.

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Pindrop finds 90 voice fraud attacks occur every minute