CTIA working with FCC on STIR-SHAKEN

On 22–23 January 2018, CTIA, a group that represents the U.S. wireless communications industry, met with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to discuss how to prevent nuisance robocalls.

After the meeting, the CTIA provided the meeting presentation, which the FCC has posted on their website. We’ve reviewed this information and would like to share the key highlights.


  • Wireless carriers have provided their customers with ways to help block nuisance robocalls
  • But caller ID spoofing still leaves customers vulnerable
  • The CTIA supports call authentication with SHAKEN/STIR to combat illegal robocalls
  • They call on the FCC to promote SHAKEN/STIR in the US and encourage other nations to participate

The discussion covered related topics, including:

  • Establishment of a trusted authority to issue certificates used for caller authentication
  • CTIA opposition to mandates for a new number database, and
  • Their recommendation of a hybrid governance model, in which:
  • Telecommunications industry would define and operate the structure
  • Government would review and endorse the structure

TransNexus View

We are encouraged by progress made in these discussions. We’ve already added STIR/SHAKEN functionality to our SIP Analytics software, and it’s available today in our ClearIP and NexOSS software platforms.

Contact us today to arrange a free evaluation of SIP Analytics. Let us show you how quickly and easily you can get ready for caller authentication using STIR/SHAKEN.

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