TransNexus introduces cloud-based SIP Analytics

TransNexus has announced the launch of ClearIP, a cloud-based platform for advanced telecom management services.

The initial services offered will be real-time SIP Analytics fraud control and robocall blocking, combined with number portability. SIP Analytics enables telephone service providers and enterprises to immediately protect their networks and subscribers from toll fraud and annoying robocalls. SIP Analytics provides the fastest toll fraud and robocall detection possible. Before each call setup, the call is compared with calling patterns learned over the prior twelve weeks to identify one or more of the following fraud signatures:

  • Fast Traffic Pumping
  • Slow Traffic Pumping
  • Theft of Service
  • Call Hijacking
  • Wangiri (one ring and cut)
  • Robocalls

If fraud is detected, ClearIP instructs the customer’s Session Border Controller (SBC) or Softswitch to block the call. If no fraud is detected, customers can configure ClearIP to return either a SIP 302 message with the Location Routing Number (LRN) for the call or a SIP 404 message.

In addition to dynamic fraud detection, SIP Analytics also offers very flexible blacklisting and whitelisting features that enable customers to create customized blacklists and whitelists for each individual subscriber. For example, ClearIP customers will be able to create a global blacklist for high risk country codes and then enable specific exceptions by subscriber. The solution also includes a subscription to TransNexus’s Shield database of high-risk calling and called numbers.

SIP Analytics is proven to be a superior fraud detection technique compared to conventional CDR (Call Detail Record) analysis for three reasons. First, SIP Analytics analyzes calls before call setup and can stop a fraud attack immediately. CDR analysis cannot detect fraud until the first CDRs are collected. Toll fraud calls typically last twenty minutes or longer, which gives the fraudster an open window to pump hundreds of fraudulent calls before detection can begin. Some fraudulent calls, such as Wangiri fraud do not generate CDRs and will never be detected by CDR analysis. In addition, SIP messages include useful information fields for fraud detection that are not written to CDRs.

“SIP Analytics fraud control provided by the cloud-based ClearIP platform is a great solution for tier-three service providers and enterprises. They benefit from the fastest fraud detection possible at a very low cost made possible by the economies of scale of a cloud based solution. Most importantly, integration with ClearIP is fast and easy. Customers can begin protecting their network from fraud within sixty minutes after contacting TransNexus. Removing the cost and effort of running additional local servers for fraud control is a major savings for our customers,” says Jim Dalton of TransNexus.

The ClearIP architecture is designed for a fully elastic virtual environment orchestrated by OpenStack. Virtual machines for SIP Analytics can be automatically added and removed in real time to match traffic demand up to 100,000 calls per second. Designed as a multi-tenant solution, wholesale providers can fully delegate fraud control responsibility to their customers as a service.