TransNexus celebrates 20 years!

TransNexus is proud to celebrate twenty years of providing quality VoIP network management solutions. Since 1997 TransNexus has been a pioneer in fraud and operations support software for VoIP networks.

TransNexus led the development of the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) for inter-network call authorization and routing. OSP, which became a standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in 1999, was deployed globally in Cisco H.323 VoIP gateways and many open source VoIP platforms. In 1999, TransNexus became the first company to offer secure peer-to-peer VoIP clearinghouse services. Its ClearIP® service operated as a trusted certificate authority for secure routing authorization and accounting of peer-to-peer VoIP calls among internet telephony service providers.

In 2001, in response to encouragement from major customers, TransNexus changed its business model from a service provider to a developer of software products for wholesale VoIP carriers. TransNexus was one of the first companies to offer advanced intelligent routing solutions using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) redirect servers in 2003. TransNexus has continued its innovation with SIP Analytics® fraud control, with the first real-time fraud control for SIP networks using a SIP redirect server.

For twenty years TransNexus has been dedicated to excellence and quality in software development for VoIP networks. TransNexus has been committed to customer excellence, and this focus has been the main reason for the longstanding success of TransNexus.

According to Jim Dalton, CEO of TransNexus, “customers have found us because they needed solutions for their VoIP network that did not exist. Customer service is our first business goal. We start every business relationship with a free evaluation trial that includes solution design, implementation and training. We want our customers fully satisfied with the TransNexus solution in production before they have to commit to purchase.”

TransNexus, which holds 27 patents related to VoIP, is accelerating its development of new solutions for customers as it enters its third decade. “VoIP is a mature technology, but it offers a very fertile environment for innovative new product development. For example, we see tremendous opportunity in VoIP security. Criminal imposters who spoof the calling line ID of telephone calls to perpetrate their fraud schemes are a growing problem. These crimes have caused billions of dollars in losses. Restoring trust in the public telephone network is a major opportunity. Our routing engine product is well positioned to use emerging technology standards, such as STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited), to enable telephone service providers to stop these crimes” stated Jim Dalton, founder of TransNexus.

Moving forward, TransNexus will continue to focus on bringing new VoIP solutions to the market. Jim Dalton notes that “we are always eager to provide the software that will continue to enable the success of our customers and their networks.”