Fraudsters target veterans who dial a wrong number

Everyone has accidently dialed a wrong number. Most of us, however, don’t become a victim of fraud when we misdial.

Recently the VA discovered that fraudsters have actively targeted veterans who dial into the Veteran’s Choice Program to learn more about their healthcare. The number for the Veteran’s Choice Program is 1-866-606-8198. However, many Americans are used to dialing 1-800 and criminals seized upon this behavior to perpetrate their scam.

The criminals bought the number that was exactly the same as the Veteran’s Choice Program except that it started with 1-800 instead of 1-866. When veterans accidentally dialed the wrong number, they would hear that they were eligible for a $100 rebate as long as they entered their credit card number.

The VA has urged veterans to hang up immediately, and reminded everyone that Veterans Affairs will never offer those types of financial incentives or ask for credit card information over the phone. The department has made it clear that it will address this scam and get the fake number taken down.