Criminals, posing as Google, target small business

Criminals using robocalls to target citizens is nothing new. The American public is overwhelmed every day with the number of robocalls they receive.

One recent scam involves a group of criminals that tout a relationship with Google to lure small businesses into giving over financial information.

Most every business utilizes at least a few of the services Google offers so when criminals target businesses as being affiliated with Google, it is easy to listen and, unfortunately, become a victim to the scam.

One of the scenarios employed by these criminals is that someone calls claiming to be affiliated with Google and that they can improve your site’s ranking or that your business listing is about to expire. Then they ask for the fee to do the work.

These scam artists are leveraging Google’s strong brand reputation to cheat small business. This just reminds all of us, even businesses, to beware of robocallers as they continue to perfect their strategies.