Business continues move to the cloud, mostly

There’s no shortage of stories around companies making the move to the cloud. There are many reasons why an organization would want to manage their IT in the cloud; however, the same can be said for managing solutions in house.

This article suggests a hybrid approach, management through on-premises and the cloud, is what most organizations employ.

“Hybrid cloud spending is predicted to grow 22.5% annually through 2021 to reach $92 billion. According to analyst firm IDC, spending on traditional on-premises IT infrastructure will remain larger than cloud spending over the next two years. Although, in aggregate, IDC expected that 32% of IT infrastructure budgets will go to external clouds and almost 11% to private cloud.”

There are enormous advantages for an organization to move infrastructure to the cloud. With those advantages, there are some concerns, too, that organizations should be aware of as they move more and more to hosted solutions.


Of course, cloud providers make security at top priority. Their reputations are at stake if they don’t provide top-of-the-line security. This article does point out, however, that safeguarding valuable client data on-premise could be a good choice. No third party will care about your data more than you do.


Price can be a concern whether you’re on premises or in the cloud. Budget increases in the cloud can occur because predicting variances can be difficult as a company ramps up or changes strategies. With on-premises solutions, costs can be prohibitive for some small- and medium-sized organizations.


The cloud is clearly the most scalable solution, allowing organizations to grow quickly on demand. If a company needs to make a quick pivot, infrastructure in the cloud can pivot easily with the organization.


If a business is growing quickly and wants to remain flexible and agile, cloud technology is a perfect fit. It was built to meet the rapid pace of change in the market.

A hybrid approach, using both traditional on-premise and cloud services, is clearly a growing trend in the market. However, some smaller organizations are not able to find the resources required to manage IT in house, which makes cloud-based solutions a great fit.