A creative - and funny - solution to prevent robocalls

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) reports that American households receive 2.4 billion robocalls every month. Roger Anderson is acutely aware of that fact.

He loved having his two landlines but didn’t like the constant barrage of calls from telemarketers. He attempted to stop the calls by using an opt-in button when folks called his landlines. It asked callers to hit a number to get directed to Roger and his family. Telemarketers never hit the button.

When the telemarketers didn’t choose to opt in, it stopped his issue but it also spurred him to get a little more creative. He knew that telemarketers worked on a dialer and that the most expensive part of the call was when a person actually got on the phone. Maybe if he exploited the highest cost element of a telemarketing call, they would stop. The Jolly Roger Telephone Company was born.

Anderson created a bot that interacts with telemarketers with, usually, hysterical effect.

Telemarketers usually don’t realize they’re speaking to a bot and engage with it for quite a while. He has made the bot available to consumers for a low monthly fee through the Jolly Roger Telephone Company. Consumers can use the bot to answer telemarketer calls and avoid the annoyance entirely.

His company and experiences continue to highlight the ongoing issue surrounding telemarketing, robocalls, and fraud.

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