TDoS Telecom Fraud Attacks Made Easy

There is a new tool available on the black market that makes telecom fraud even easier. The tool, known as ‘TNT Instant Up,’ was developed by fraudsters to use in Telephony Denial of Service Attacks (TDoS).

In a TDoS attack, fraudsters make a huge number of phone calls to an organization to overwhelm the capacity of an organization’s phone network.

TDoS attacks can impair a voice network’s availability, but can also be used as a tool for extortion. TDoS attacks have been in the news recently as a threat to public safety, as fraudsters have taken to using TDoS attacks against hospitals, police stations, and other public services.

Specialised software allows the TNT Instant Up tool to perform continuous calls from inserted unlocked SIM-cards and leverages various SIP providers, according to security intelligence firm IntelCrawler.

“TNT Instant Up”, is a hardware platform, designedl to perform continuous calls from inserted unlocked SIM-cards.

The TNT Instant Up platform supports Caller ID spoofing and also includes a special “Service 500 Error” bypass, using multiple call forwarding. In a video marketing the technology, cybercrooks demonstrate TDoS attack against several demo victims, featuring a high volume of calls from spoofed or anonymous numbers.

Pricing ranges between $560 and $1,200, depending on activation options and software. TNT Instant Up also offers TDoS services for hire.