Minimize Toll Fraud Risk with Shield

TransNexus, an innovator in VoIP management solutions since 1997, has released Shield, a dynamic new tool for preventing telecom fraud attacks stemming from the use of premium rate numbers.

“Premium rate numbers are the latest deceptive practice being used for fraud today,” says Jim Dalton, founder of TransNexus. “The premium rate number business model made sense before VoIP technology was available. Now, an entire ecosystem has developed that makes traffic pumping fraud to premium rate numbers a simple and easy endeavor for anyone.”

Shield contains a preloaded, comprehensive blacklist of premium rate number providers and known international premium rate number ranges covering millions of numbers. The blacklist is updated weekly and includes high risk ranges as reported by industry sources. Customers can further enhance their Shield application by uploading a custom set of blacklist and whitelist numbers into the product.

Shield is integrated seamlessly into the innovative least cost routing, fraud prevention, and fraud detection solutions that TransNexus offers. The merge with the NexOSS-FC, NexOSS, SDReporter solutions allows calls being made to premium rate numbers in the Shield application to be automatically blocked or re-routed.

“Fraudsters can collect tens of thousands of dollars through the use of premium rate numbers” says Dalton. “Businesses are looking for a preventive measure to protect their network and Shield is the additional layer of security that will further mitigate fraud risk and prevent fraud attacks. It is one of the components that make our fraud prevention and detection solutions the leaders in the industry.”