VoIP Switches Enable Mobility

How important is your business phone? Do you need access to your voicemail, business contacts and even the number when you’re out on the road? While you may be able to have your calls transferred to your mobile device, can you also have the number sent there as well so you make a call as if you are sitting at your desk?

If you’ve embraced all of the capabilities of the VoIP switch both in and out of the office, you know what benefits this provides.

The reality for today’s communication user is that they need access to more than just applications and files when they are out on the road. Access to these elements through the cloud has been a significant improvement for the mobile employee, but it doesn’t satisfy every communication challenge.

Today’s business phone system needs to also leverage the capabilities of the VoIP switch so as to extend all communication functionality, regardless of location. With this kind of deployment, business phone systems leverage the power of cloud technology to take remote access to the next level.

Professionals no longer need to be sitting at a desk to receive a business call. With the VoIP switch, they can take and make calls while on the road, without investing in a business-dedicated mobile device. Users can enjoy full functionality and even leverage the flexibility of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies so as to experience complete mobility.

Today’s mobility tools can sync seamlessly with the main office through the VoIP switch. Outbound calls are registered to the business, and mobility tools allow the calls made to the employee’s business line to be transferred to their smartphone.

As a result, employees are always accessible to clients and customers, as well as collaboration partners to help speed time-to-market and key business decisions. True mobility means the user is no longer tied to a desk phone, but can also promote the company brand regardless of location.

While companies with remote employees have tried to accomplish this very feat for years, it often required an investment in expensive hardware and software and complete mobility was still fleeting. Now, the VoIP switch allows this kind of variability in location without significant investments, hardware or even infrastructure.

With this kind of flexibility, the mobile employee can hit the ground running, meeting customers in the field and performing the tasks needed to advance the efforts of the company. Now that all of this can be done without a desk, how long until the traditional office environment is something of the past? We may just have to wait, watch and see.