VoIP Going Mobile

It’s becoming fairly common knowledge that switching over to a VoIP system for your phone calls can save significant money, whether it’s at the office or at home. But now the technology has taken another leap forward, yet not many people are aware of it. VoIP has gone mobile.

In a recent blog post, Tech Writer John Terra reports that mobile VoIP users “…will reach one billion people by 2017. In other words, one in seven mobile users will be using mVoIP.”

That’s not a number to sneeze at, and Terra took a closer look at what it all means.

“By means of an app, a mobile phone user can bypass a calling plan entirely and instead use their mobile phone’s internet connection to make voice calls,” Terra wrote. “It’s the same principle as traditional VoIP using your home’s Internet connection to make phone calls, except now you are free to enjoy the advantages of VoIP outside of the confines of your home or work place. In either instance, you don’t need a voice network.”