Vocal IP Networx adds VoIP telecom fraud protection from TransNexus

TransNexus today announced that Vocal IP Networx has chosen the TransNexus SDReporter solution to provide telecom fraud detection to complement their BroadWorks based network.

In 2013, as the threat of telecom fraud was increasing throughout the industry, Vocal IP Networx began searching for a more robust fraud control solution that would proactively protect its customers and its network.

“We needed a solution that would integrate with our existing BroadWorks softswitch” said Eugene Gutman, COO at Vocal IP Networx. “When we found SDReporter from TransNexus, we were able to download the evaluation software from the TransNexus website and quickly had it up and running.”

SDReporter is the complete Telecom Fraud Detection and Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis solution for BroadWorks. Designed to be simple and efficient, SDReporter is easy to install and provides comprehensive telecom fraud and call completion reports and alarms.

SDReporter integrates with Vocal IP Networx’s existing BroadWorks platform by collecting and analyzing BroadWorks call detail records (CDRs). When suspicious traffic triggers a fraud alert, SDReporter can send an Open Communications Interface -Provisioning (OCI-P) command to the BroadWorks switch to block the calls from a specific Groupid or Userid, or divert them to customer service. An email and/or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alert is sent to the Network Operations Center (NOC) with the details of the fraud trigger. The NOC can view the details of the alert from the SDReporter web interface and unblock the calls if needed with one click.

According to Mr. Gutman, “SDReporter is easy to use and has been very effective identifying fraudulent calls. SDReporter is a great value and the support has been excellent.”