The Threat of Telecom Fraud

The buzz in the telecommunications space is that VoIP is the end-all for seamless communications, but the hype surrounding the benefits often overshadows some real threats that exist.

This is not to suggest that companies should avoid VoIP solutions, as the benefits are indeed significant. Instead, it’s simply important that IT managers have a realistic view of what could happen and how to make sure their systems stay protected.

A recent Telecom Tech News post highlighted some of the vulnerabilities that exist with VoIP. Hackers know about these vulnerabilities and will go after them for profit.

The biggest culprits involve three-way calls and call transfers. Hackers have the ability to inject call signals into the network, essentially hijacking calls. Service providers track the usage, but then have no one to bill.

VoIP fraud is big business in criminal sects around the world, and a lack of tracking at any time can leave a security gap big enough to draw in millions in stolen revenue. The end user is generally unaffected by such intrusions, thus the service provider owes it to themselves to put systems in place to help recognize when they occur.