FCC Presentations on Technology Transitions

At its June 13 open meeting, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau made a presentation on the status of the AT&T service-based experiments in the Technology Transitions proceeding.

Following the meetings, COMPTEL CEO Chip Pickering said, “We appreciate that the Commission acknowledged the importance of wholesale access as it examines AT&T’s proposal to transition two wire centers to IP technology and recognized that there is still work to be done before AT&T meets all the requirements of the FCC’s order. A vibrant wholesale market is critical to the development of competitive retail services for consumers and businesses, alike.”

“COMPTEL and its member companies continue to be willing to work with any carrier, anywhere, to provide the Commission the information necessary for a successful and complete trial,” he added. “COMPTEL agrees with the Chairman that success is defined as one that promotes the enduring values of competition, universal service, public safety and consumer protection, while expediting a transition to IP-enabled networks.”