Carriers Block International Calls to Stop Traffic Pumping Fraud

Traffic pumping fraud to international numbers is driving more carriers to block international calling. This telecom fraud, also known as International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) occurs when a fraudster hacks a victim’s phone system and then makes thousands of calls to an international premium rate number. The cost of telecom fraud for the victim can exceed $100,000.

To combat this problem, some carriers are blocking international calling by default. Cox Communications blocks all calls to Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Sao Tome, Seychelles, Somalia, Maldives, Azerbaijan, and Monaco unless they receive a request from the customer to dial those countries. ANPI blocks calling to 64 countries that are known for high fraudulent activity or that are rarely called by ANPI customers. ANPI publishes the list to its customers and will unblock calling to a country on the list if requested by a customer.