Bee Global chooses TransNexus for intelligent least cost routing

TransNexus, top developer of VoIP network management software, today announced that Bee Global, an Over the Top (OTT) VoIP application that enables free calling between smart phones, and cheap calls to the PSTN, has chosen the TransNexus NexOSS solution to provide dynamic least cost routing.

Bee services eliminate the need to pay multiple communications providers for home, business and mobile communications. Bee uses their network to help customers break down traditional distance and economic barriers and eliminate the high cost of monthly phone services. Their SIP enabled 'any device network' provides quality voice and data communications for residential and enterprise customers.

Bee is targeting the Hispanic market in the US. Currently, Hispanics are paying very high rates to call friends and family in Latin America, with especially high rates when calling mobile phones in countries like Mexico.

Bee uses social media to radically change the distribution model, passing the savings to customers. When Bee Global started in 2009, they needed a solution to maximize profits and quality of service for calls routed to the PSTN, allowing customers to contact family and friends in Mexico without access to VoIP. Bee chose the TransNexus NexOSS solution as their core engine for call routing, rating and reporting.

NexOSS is a centralized software suite for managing VoIP networks. The applications range from call routing to telecom fraud control to VoIP Peering. Bee Global uses NexOSS to create multiple routing tables based on the needs of local operations while leveraging all the termination carriers connected to a global network. Calls may be routed based on any combination of time, day, cost, quality and geographic preference. In addition, the software supports multiple currencies for routing and rating.

“The dynamic LCR engine from TransNexus helps keep our prices competitive on the global market,” said David Stenson, President of Bee Global. “The billing reports give full visibility into profitability of our VoIP network by dial code and time of day. In addition, quality of service triggers can suspend poorly performing routes to ensure the best experience for our customers. NexOSS is at the core of our routing processes.”

“NexOSS can be central to any type of business that uses telecommunication,” said Jim Dalton, president of TransNexus. “Bee Global, as an OTT VoIP App, is just one example of the many non-traditional service providers that rely on intelligent LCR to keep costs low and comprehensive reports and triggers for detailed management of their SIP network.”

“In the last two years, we’ve seen an explosion of innovative new companies using our platform and VoIP technology to provide clever new services. I am not talking about robodialers. I am referring to companies that are completely outside of the telecommunications business. It just happens, that either inbound or outbound PSTN calls is an important component of the services they offer.”