VoIP Call Centers Being Targeted by Cyber Terrorists

As VoIP call centers increase in popularity all over the world due to the key benefits they can offer companies big and small including reduced costs, increased efficiency and better collaboration and communication overall, they are now being targeted by cyber masterminds looking to access confidential information.

Analyst firm The Aite Group, has seen an uptick as of late in regards to fraud-related incidents ramping up within next-generation call centers. And it looks as if Gartner Fraud Analyst Avivah Litan seconds that notion, revealing that contact centers are continuing to be targeted due to the fact that they typically store key information from their wide customer base such as their account numbers, phone numbers, addresses, date of birth, and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers or tax IDs- which equates to all of the necessary details needed for these cyber attacks to take place successfully.

Most VoIP call centers are implementing stringent security procedures at a fever pitch to eliminate the possibility of all types of criminals getting their hands on protected data. Others are implementing sophisticated fraud detection solutions, including SDReporter from TransNexus. For more information on VoIP fraud, download our complimentary white paper.