TDoS attack prevention best practices for enterprises

Yesterday we discussed how criminals go about creating a TDoS attack. Today, let’s look at some enterprise best practices for dealing with this type of attack.

Service providers should consider implementing a complete fraud detection and routing solution on their end to prevent attacks.

Before a TDoS Event

  1. Discuss how to respond to a TDoS event with your service provider
  2. Ensure that someone has access to the phone number and direct contact information for the service provider
  3. Consider configuring your telephone system to isolate critical phone lines from administrative and other lines
  4. Remind employees to protect personally identifying information

During a TDoS Event

  1. Save the voice recording of suspects who may call before, during, or after the TDoS event
  2. Record all phone numbers and account information including event start and stop times, number of calls per hour or per day, phone numbers, ANI information, and IP addresses
  3. Retain all call logs and IP logs
  4. Work with your PBX provider to attempt to separate the affected phone number from critical trunks

After a TDoS Event

  1. File a complaint with the Internet Crime COmplaint Cener/FBI
  2. File a report with your local police department
  3. Consolidate call logs and IP logs, mark for long-term retention