TDoS attack basics

VoIP security expert, Marc Collier, has written an excellent article on the basics of today's TDoS attacks on his blog.

"The bottom line is that TDoS attacks have become cheap and easy to implement. The barrier to entry is much lower, due to the availability of VoIP, SIP, and UC," said Collier.

The basic steps to setting up a TDoS attack are:

  1. Set up free and powerful IP PBX software and a call generator
  2. Determine the numbers to attack. (911, 1-800 contact center numbers, specific enterprises, etc.)
  3. Determine some audio to play (white noise, voice, text-to-speech, etc.)
  4. Get VoIP/SIP access into public voice network
  5. Run attack Successful TDoS attacks will result in calls being generated and failing.

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