PingTone chooses TransNexus software

TransNexus today announced that PingTone, a provider of innovative telecommunications and unified communications solutions, has chosen the TransNexus NexOSS solution to provide least cost routing and telecom fraud detection.

PingTone uses the BroadWorks softswitch platform from BroadSoft and other subsystems to provide its VoIP services. For security purposes, PingTone uses Oracle Acme Packet Session Border Controllers (SBC) at the edge of the network. PingTone required a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their BroadSoft and Oracle Acme Packet infrastructure.

To optimize their network profitability, PingTone needed a solution to automate dynamic least cost and quality of service routing. A second critical requirement was telecom fraud control.

”International calling fraud risk from customers whose network, passwords, or VoIP endpoints have been hacked is a huge risk that can cost tens of thousands of dollars per fraud event. To avoid that risk, we needed a fraud tool that could block fraudulent calls in near real time” says Glen Gaillard, PingTone’s Vice President of Engineering.

PingTone knew that both the BroadWorks and the Oracle Acme Packet SBC were collecting a significant amount of data and Call Detail Records (CDRs). They just needed a way to access and analyze that information. By analyzing the CDR files, PingTone would be able to gain deeper insight into the quality of service that their customers were experiencing. Additionally, they would be able to detect suspicious call traffic, and subsequently reduce the amount of money fraudulent calling cost them.

PingTone chose a complete Routing, Operations, and Billing Support System from TransNexus to complete their VoIP network. The TransNexus system provides Dynamic Least Cost and Quality of Service routing to maximize profits and call quality.

In addition, telecom fraud detection and control is integrated with the TransNexus routing engine so fraudulent calls can be blocked or diverted automatically.

“The TransNexus solution has been a great tool for managing our network because it is designed for easy integration with our BroadSoft and Oracle Acme Packet platforms. Having extensive reports and fraud control as an integral part of our routing solution provides us additional visibility and control of our operations” said Gaillard.

Bill Smedberg, CEO of PingTone adds, “From a business perspective, the payback from our TransNexus investment was immediate. We saved more money during the evaluation trial than we eventually paid for the software.”

TransNexus offers a free 90-day trial of NexOSS Least Cost Routing software to qualified customers. The trial comes with complete technical support and remote training. In addition, customers may request a complimentary LCR analysis to see the results of implementing LCR on their own data. The NexOSS trial and LCR analysis are available on the TransNexus website.

Read the complete case study here.