NexOSS Least Cost Routing for Metaswitch Perimeta

TransNexus is pleased to announce that intelligent LCR routing can now be deployed at the edge of your Metaswitch network.

NexOSS can now communicate directly with your Metaswitch Perimeta Session Border Controller. Controlling your routing from the edge of the network at the session border controller saves money and allows greater operating efficiencies.

NexOSS provides VoIP operators with an easy to use web interface for provisioning routes, rates, number translation rules and monitoring traffic analysis and billing reports. NexOSS includes no-loss Least Cost Routing that supports up to 100,000 translations, as well as routing by Quality of Service, time of day, day of week, and customer specific routing. Click here to learn more about NexOSS and to request a free 90-day trial.