NexOSS 5.18.1 Release Notes

This release includes important new credit control triggers, which help identify wholesale SIP trunking fraud.

In this fraud scenario, a fraudster will steal the identity of your subscribers and then route calls to your softswitch for wholesale termination. This fraud is different from International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) because the call patterns are typical of any normal subscriber. There are no spikes of traffic to a specific international location.

The new NexOSS feature for detecting this fraud is realtime call rating by customer and monitoring the spend for each customer by hour and day. If the customer’s spend rate exceeds its hourly or daily threshold, an alert will be sent and calls may be blocked or diverted. The new credit control monitors spending by source IP address, GroupID and Calling Number.

If a credit control trigger is activated, the log of trigger events includes a link to the CDRs which triggered the alert—a major simplification for Network Operations Control (NOC) operators.

Other important features include improvements to QoS reports to reduce false positives to QoS alerts, database monitoring tools for CDRAnalyzer and bug fixes for web interface viewing problems that were caused by Java 1.7.