NexOSS 5.15.7 CDRAnalyzer reports and call diversion

CDRAnalyzer has been expanded to create Traffic, Billing and Billing Analysis reports from archived rated CDRs without impacting the performance of the NexOSS production database.

The report can be viewed or downloaded as PDF or text files. Monthly and weekly reports are created automatically and reports for ad hoc time periods may be created.

This feature also provides ad hoc charting of Revenue, Total Calls, Call Duration and other important operating data. In addition, the easy to use query form enables users to export CDRs selected by any CDR variable.

This release also includes two new fraud detection features. First, users now have the choice to block or divert fraudulent calls. If diversion devices are configured, the calls that would have blocked because of activated fraud triggers or because of the blacklist can now be diverted to customer support, an IVR or any other destination for fraudulent calls. Second, this release offeres better options for report and trigger breakout codes based on E.164 numbers and NANPA dial patterns.

Finally, this update has solved the compatibility problems with Java 1.7.