NexOSS improves BroadWorks support and fraud scoring

NexOSS release 5.15.4 offers the major improvement that all fraud detection is based on fraud scores, rather than just call statistics.

By rating CDRs in real time, fraud scores monitor the financial risk associated with high risk destinations. This new feature greatly simplifies trigger provisioning. Provisioning a single fraud rate plan eliminates the need to provision fraud triggers by breakout.

This NexOSS release also includes full support for BroadWorks. In addition to collecting RADIUS CDRs, NexOSS can now collect CDR files written by BroadWorks. More importantly fraud trigger suspensionnow supports the BroadWorks OCI API. When a fraud triggers detects possible fraud based on a userId, NexOSS can send an OCI command to change the routing features for that userId. Operators can view, from the NexOSS web interface, OCI commands that have been sent to BroadWorks and easily restore the userId’s calling privileges after investigating the fraud event.