NexOSS 5.13.1 - CDRAnalyzer and LRN prefixes

CDRAnalyzer in a new feature introduced in this NexOSS release. This powerful new feature exports Rated CDRs from the NexOSS database to an external database for long term archiving and analysis.

The CDR Analyzer web interface enables any non-technical user to select CDRs for view or download based on flexible filtering rules using any data field in the CDR.

CDR Analyzer also includes a convenient charting feature for creating time series charts of traffic, billing and profit statistics for any time period.

Another useful feature is the ability to add a routing number from a number portability database as a prefix to a called number. This feature is expecially useful in countries outside of the USA and Canada where the routing number is Service Provider ID (SPID) or Mobile Network Code (MNC). Adding the routing number as a prefix to the called number is very useful for softswitches and SBCs that can use the prefix to select a outbound trunk group and then strip the prefix from the called number.

This NexOSS release requires OSPrey version 5.5.3.