FCC to get feedback on giving direct numbers to VoIP providers

The FCC has adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on direct access to telephone numbers for VoIP providers, a process that they say will streamline the process to roll out services.

Under the current structure, a VoIP provider has to obtain numbers through traditional telephone companies that act as a middleman, which the regulator says can “raise costs and slow introduction of innovative services, such as high-definition voice.” During the course of a six-month trial, VoIP providers will be able to test various technical issues related to the FCC's proposals.

“Direct access to telephone numbers is the future of telecommunications,” said Kurt Rogers, chief legal officer for Vonage, in a statement responding to the FCC proposal. “It allows for lower-cost, higher-quality voice service and innovation in developing new services, which benefits consumers.”