Dial2Win traffic pumping scam

Ever wondered how traffic pumpers create so much bogus telecomtraffic without getting shutdown? They perform this scam by by gettingsuckers to do the traffic pumping for them.

For an example, go to www.dial2win.com. This website promises big prizes if you dial one of their lucky numbers and hold the line tokeep the call up for long as possible.

Join our game and get ready to win valuable prizes every week. You can win mobile phones, watches, toys, computers, MP3s, iphones, cameras, game consoles and much more. We give away many prizes every week!... The simple principle of Dial2win is that "the more you play - the more you dial - the more you can win". just call one of our lucky numbers to receive your PIN code and hold the line for as many minutes you like. Remember that you receive one Lucky Hit for every minute you hold! The longer you hold, the higher are your chances to win!

The site also says that winners are posted on the Home page. Needless to say, there are no winners posted.