TransNexus to return to ITEXPO East 2012

Much like many of the Patriots’ and Giants’ die-hard fans wouldn’t miss this year’s Super Bowl XLVI for the world, TransNexus won’t be skipping out on next week’s communications conference ITEXPO East 2012, where the telecom software solution company will be making its appearance for the 14th consecutive year.

Aside from exhibiting at ITEXPO East 2012 – taking place Jan. 31 to Feb. 3 – TransNexus revealed to TMCnet that it will be releasing the latest version of its popular VoIP operations and billing support system, NexOSS 5.0, as well as a set of fraud detection and quality of service alarm modules.

“The fraud detection module includes smart-monitoring features that sense when there is an unusual spike in call traffic to a specific destination,” Dalton explained. “When a suspicious spike occurs, the NexOSS system automatically puts a temporary block on the route and sends SNMP and e-mail alarms, ensuring that telecom fraud losses are kept to an absolute minimum without interrupting legitimate calls. Similarly, NexOSS 5.0 can detect when providers are having call quality issues based on 24 different quality statistics, and suspend offending providers from the routing table.”

TransNexus’ current version of NexOSS, which integrates real-time updates, reporting and number portability correction, keeps the least cost routing table on a routing server, instead of using a softswitch, to enable access to millions of potential routes and guaranteed profitability on all routes. Unlike other least cost routing solutions on the market, NexOSS also boasts seven-digit routing capabilities.

These products, both old and new, align with TransNexus’ goal of spreading the message that telecom fraud is “very real” in the VoIP industry. “A single telecom fraud loss can easily be more than five times the cost of the new NexOSS 5.0,” Dalton told TMCnet. “With TransNexus solutions, which can automatically suspend fraudulent or low-quality routes, it is easy to integrate telecom fraud protection and call quality monitoring with industry-leading least cost routing solutions.”

So, what does TransNexus hope to take home from ITEXPO East, an event hailed as the world’s largest communications conference? “ITEXPO is a great opportunity for us to introduce new products and get a real understanding of the current market trends. We’ve never missed a show,” said Dalton.

Tammy Wolf is a TMCnet web editor. She covers a wide range of topics, including IP communications and information technology.