TransNexus adds telecom fraud detection to NexOSS software

January 30, 2012 – Atlanta, GA - TransNexus announced today the latest release of its industry leading VoIP Least Cost Routing software, NexOSS 5.0. The software now includes an innovative new telecom fraud detection module, which tackles the growing problem of traffic-pumping fraud in the VoIP industry.

NexOSS 5.0 works in conjunction with the TransNexus OSPrey routing server to deliver Least Cost Routing, Number Portability, Quality of Service controls, Traffic Analysis and Billing Reports for VoIP carriers. The addition of telecom fraud detection features adds yet another layer of analysis and protection to the solution.

“Telecom fraud has been an issue for traditional telephone companies for years,” said Jim Dalton, president of TransNexus, “But it was never a factor for VoIP services until recently. More and more, we hear about SIP phones and SIP PBXs that have been hacked and utilized to make unauthorized calls costing thousands of dollars.”

NexOSS 5.0 includes smart-monitoring features that sense when there is an unusual spike in call traffic to a specific destination. When a suspicious spike occurs, the NexOSS system automatically puts a temporary block on the route and sends SNMP and email alarms, ensuring that fraud losses are kept to an absolute minimum without interrupting legitimate calls.

Another major new feature announced with this release of NexOSS is integrated quality of service (QoS) alarms. As with the fraud detection features, NexOSS monitors 24 different call quality statistics (including packet latency, packet jitter, packet loss) and can detect and isolate call fidelity quality of service issues in the source network or destination network or based on end-to-end packet flow received by the calling and called party. The TransNexus software can then identify if a provider is having quality of service issues and suspend that provider from the routing table.

“This release of NexOSS addresses the major issues reported by our customers,” said Dalton. “With the addition of the telecom fraud detection and QoS monitoring features, NexOSS 5.0 is leading the way in next generation least cost routing and VoIP network management.”