SyncGlobal Telecom chooses TransNexus

TransNexus today announced that SyncGlobal Telecom has chosen the TransNexus NexOSS solution to provide dynamic least cost and quality of service routing and rating to complement their Metaswitch based network.

Headquartered in Bremen, Georgia, SyncGlobal Telecom serves many of the region’s most important organizations as a facility-based provider of local and long distance voice services, hosted IP PBX services, high-speed Internet access, data transport services, private fiber connectivity, and data center services. SyncGlobal’s focus on offering clients customized solutions with an emphasis on customer responsiveness has made SyncGlobal one of the region’s preferred business-class communications providers.

With NexOSS, SyncGlobal not only saves money on routing, but can also create specialized routing and billing tables for each of their customers.

“SyncGlobal invested in the TransNexus solution for least cost routing with QOS through the Metaswitch, fraud detection, implementing multiple expanded local calling area products, managing customer specific rated toll products, the ability to analyze near real time customer specific margins on intrastate, interstate, international, and toll free services, and as an application for auditing carrier related toll charges,” said Kyle Williamson, CEO of SyncGlobal.

The TransNexus NexOSS VoIP Routing, Operations, and Billing Support System is a suite of integrated back office applications which complement the operation of OSPrey Route Servers. NexOSS provides VoIP operators with an easy to use web interface for provisioning routes, rates, number translation rules and monitoring traffic analysis, quality of service, and billing reports. In addition, NexOSS includes fraud detection and control by customer trunk group, IP address and calling number.