NexOSS V4.18.8 - Suspend routes feature

This release enables lights-out management of telecom fraud control and network issues.

NexOSS monitors CDRs to identify unusual increases in traffic by source IP address and country code that indicate fraud. When this occurs, NexOSS will signal OSPrey to suspend future calls from the IP address to the country code. (Actually the dial codes are configurable and country codes are the default.)

How long calls are suspended is configurable. When the suspend time, normal call policies are automatically restored for the customer. With NexOSS controls, it is quite likely that a customer could be hacked, blocked from a specific country code and returned to normal service without any impact of users. All fraud events are logged of course so a NexOSS operator has all details about each fraud event.

Dynamic Quality of Service routing is similar to fraud controls. NexOSS monitors the quality of service of each route by each provider. When the quality of service falls below acceptable thresholds, the route is temporarily suspended from the routing table. Quality of service routing uses the conventional metrics of Call Success Rate, Average Call Duration and Post Dial Delay, but also uses the more Quality of Service data such as MOS, R-Factor and packet statistics for delay, loss and jitter.