NexOSS 5.9.0 - New charting feature

The major new feature added to this release is charts.

TrafficAnalyzer now includes charts for concurrent calls by Customer Account, Proxy and Provider Accounts. The charts plot the estimated Average Concurrent Calls for five minute samples in a twenty-four hour period. This new feature is useful for understanding customer calling patterns, identifying busy hours and determining the maximum number of concurrent calls for capacity planning.

Charts have also been added to the resource monitoring tab of NexOSS. These charts plot memory and hard disk utilization in ten-minute samples for each month.

The Fraud Detection application has grown significantly in size and features and has been moved out of the TrafficAnalyzer to have its own NexOSS web interface.

Also, three new wild card options have been addded for trigger breakouts:

  • Wild Card-FraudRiskHigh
  • Wild Card-FraudRiskMedium
  • Wild Card-FraudRiskLow

Trigger breakout code labels, in the TriggerBreakoutCodes.etc file, that include these terms will be grouped together for trigger provisioning. For example, the following trigger breakout codes would all be provisioned at the same time by using the breakout Wild Card-FraudRiskLow. 1603 USA-FraudRiskLow 1604 CANADA-FraudRiskLow 1605 USA-FraudRiskLow.

The NexOSS web interface may now be configured to use HTTPS.

Twenty-eight new database columns have been added to the ACDR, REACDR, SEACDR, ReportableCDR and RatedCDR tables.