NexOSS 5.5.0 - Expanded telecom fraud detection features

This release of NexOSS has several important new fraud detection features.

First, fraud detection features have been expanded to the subscriber level. NexOSS now monitors traffic by Calling Number, GroupId and UserID to detect potential fraud by specific subscribers or SIP phones.

Second, call transfer fraud is now detected. This type of fraud is difficult to control with most softswitches, since the call transferred by the source is outside the calling party’s trunk group. This softswitch vulnerability is well known and being exploited by VoIP hackers. With the NexOSS solution, these fraudulent calls can be detected and blocked.

A new Account type, NexOSS_Operator, has been added. The new Account property can beused to identify a softswitch in call scenarios where each call has two call legs. In these scenarios, the first call leg is from the source to the softswitch and the second call leg is from the softswitch to the destination. In this scenario, a single call will be counted twice in report. This new feature, gives users the choice to filter our duplicate CDRs in Call Completion Reports by Customer and Provider, and also from Fraud Reports.

Last, a number of optimizations were made to improve interoperability with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox web browsers.