International Revenue Share Fraud risk - IRSF

Fraudsters are continuing to exploit high termination rates for certain countries by inflating traffic and sharing revenue. Number aggregator websites openly advertise revenue share opportunities in many countries, inviting visitors to sign up immediately.

In the past three years, the number of these aggregator sites has increased nearly 150%. Increasingly, we are seeing country ranges being advertised without the knowledge of the number range holder, which indicated that the numbers are being hijacked and sent to a different place altogether. In this case, both the CSP and the number holder are the victim, as outside users making legitimate calls cannot connect.

Today there are fraud detection solutions that can help mitigate the risk from this type of fraud. Here are a few things to look for in a solution:

  • Call Forwarding Fraud Detection - Fraudsters often sneak in calls to high risk destinations by instructing the hacked phone system to forward calls.
  • Blacklists - Use a blacklist, your own or one found through an organization like the CFCA, to keep track of fraudulent numbers and automatically block them from the routing table.
  • Check for fraud indicators - Spikes in calls to a destination are a relitively easy indicator of fraud, but consider other triggers as well, including answer seizure ratios, call duration, or calling party hang up.

For more ideas on how to detect and prevent VoIP fraud, learn more about TransNexus telecom fraud solutions.