NexOSS V4.15.0 - Calling party identification

An important new feature in this release is the expanded flexibility for determining the calling party. The calling party, or calling number, can be determined by five different information elements in SIP.

The SIP different headers are:

  1. Diversion (another name for call forwarding)
  2. P-Asserted-Id (the number the calling party defines for itself)
  3. Remote-Party-Id (an obsolete SIP field that is still widely used)
  4. P-Charge-Info (similar to the Bill To number used in the PSTN)
  5. From (the calling number in the SIP From header)

Operators have different preferences for how the calling party should be identified based on jurisdictional routing or other billing scenarios. This release gives operators full flexibility to use any combination of these five fields for identifying the calling party.