OSP Assigned Port 5045

The ETSI Open Settlement Protocol, or OSP, has been assigned TCP port 5045 by IANA.

IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, is the body responsible for coordinating some of the key elements that keep the Internet running smoothly.

While the internet is renowned for being a worldwide network free from central coordination, there is a technical need for some key parts of the internet to be globally coordinated—and this coordination role is undertaken by IANA.

OSP is a set of XML messages defined for authorization, routing, pricing and recording usage of IP session transactions. The most common use of OSP is for routing and billing VoIP calls. The OSP standard defines that OSP XML messages should be transmitted over HTTP or HTTPS. So OSP servers are really nothing more than specialized web servers. In the original OSP standard, the tcp port defined for OSP was port 80, the port assigned for HTTP.

However, as VoIP communications have become more prevalent, the need has arisen for OSP to have its own port assignment - and that port is 5045. TransNexus will transition its OSPrey OSP server to use port 5045 by default in the next OSPrey release due out in May. Port assignment will be configurable so users can continue to whatever they port they choose for OSP.