FreeSWITCH supports OSP

TransNexus has contributed a new module, mod_osp, to FreeSWITCH. The new module enables FreeSWITCH to use the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) to query an external route server and to report XML based Call Detail Records (CDRs). The new module uses the OSP Toolkit available from SourceForge.

One of the advantages of OSP route queries over SIP redirect messages or ENUM queries is that OSP was designed as a route query protocol. OSP is not limited to single protocol, such as SIP, or just to route discovery. OSP is designed to support all the information elements that might be needed for a fully intelligent query/response.

For example, a standard OSP response can include rich details about all possible destinations such as which protocol to use (SIP, H.323. skype, SMS, MMS) calling and called number translations, all the number portability elements (LRN, SPID, alt-SPID, MCC, MNC), bandwidth requirements and even pricing information.

Likewise, XML based CDRs defined by the OSP standard define a large set of data elements and since the CDRs are XML based they can be easily extended to meet any need. TransNexus has long been involved with open source VoIP projects such as SER, OpenSIPS, Asterisk and now FreeSWITCH.

We see a lot of growth and innovation occurring in the FreeSWITCH community, and we are looking forward to becoming more involved with the growing number of creative entrepreneurs using FreeSWITCH.