TransNexus Certified as a GSMA Pathfinder Partner

On October 1, the GSMA announced the launch of its PathFinder Number Portability Discovery Service. The GSMA is the global wireless organization consisting of nearly 800 wireless carriers in 219 countries.

PathFinder was created by the GSMA to provide an interoperable, industry-wide solution that enables the routing of global IP service interconnect traffic. A couple of years ago, the GSMA presented its vision for an all IP world based on the IPX, a global IP network run by GSMA operators. Carriers connected to the IPX would be able to peer IP communication applications, such as VoIP and video end-to-end over IP networks. The global route discovery provided by PathFinder is a big step forward in implementing that vision.

At TransNexus, we are proud to be one of the first vendor partners certified for the PathFinder service. The TransNexus OSPrey route server is certified to query PathFinder for Number Portability discovery.