IT Expo - Miami

Last week, I was at the Telephony Expo in Miami, Florida. Given the overall direction of the general economy, my expectations for the conference were low. I expected low attendance and a generally negative outlook from most attendees.

What I found, however, was different. Traffic in the exhibition hall was good and just about everyone I spoke to was genuinely positive about their business prospects for 2009.

I remember 2002, when VoIP companies were going bankrupt left and right. At that time trade shows were just a gossip hall about who would go broke next.

There was no sign of that in Miami last week. Everyone I spoke to was looking for ways to grow their business. From what we see, it looks like the VoIP business will be good in 2009 as customers look for VoIP technology as a way to save costs and offer new services. Here’s my interview at IT-Expo.