TransNexus will support Kamailio and OpenSIPS

There has been a lot of confusion and angst in the OpenSER community this week. It all started on July 28th when the OpenSER project renamed itself to Kamailio. According to the announcement, “Kamailio is a Hawaiian word. Kama'ilio means talk, to converse.”

The OpenSER name had to be changed for trademark reasons. The feedback on the mailing list about the new name was generally negative since Kamailio is a complicated name to pronounce and to remember.

OpenSER version 1.3 will remain OpenSER. But starting with release V1.4, the project is official named Kamailio.

Then on August 4th, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu, an early developer of SER and a founder of the OpenSER fork from SER, announced that he was forking a new open source project from OpenSER. The new project is called OpenSIPS - for Open SIP Server (

OpenSIPS is a better name than Kamailio and the fork annoucement caused a flurry of email messages on the Kamailio mailing list. Few folks were happy about the surprise.

TransNexus is not an OpenSER user, but our customers are. I think the general feeling among the user community is concern about the viability of the two projects going forward. The OpenSER fork from OpenSER was met with similar concern. In the end, however, OpenSER hastened the adoption of open source VoIP software.

We are optimistic that Kamailio will continue to be successful and that OpenSIPS will grow into a thriving project that serves a different niche from Kamailio. The Telekom world is huge and there is plenty of market space for both projects. TransNexus plans to continue its support for the original SER project, the OpenSER turned Kamailio project and the new OpenSIPS project because we believe this is what our customers want.