TransNexus Joins Intel Certified Solutions Program

TransNexus has joined the Intel® Certified Solutions Program and will certify its NexOSS software for Intel processors. This is a good program with real technical benefits, not just a marketing gimmick. Given the $25,000 price to join the program, we did our homework to make certain the program offered more than just a rubber stamp certification logo. Admission to this program provides TransNexus with software tools that will assist us in our efforts to boost the performance of our software and reduce security threats. As part of the process, Intel will certify the performance of TransNexus software based on hard data and provide feedback on how our software can be made more secure.

According to Scott Harrison, director of Intel's Partner Programs Organization, “The Intel Certified Solutions Program moves in lockstep with technology development at Intel. Through certification, solution vendors can be more confident that their applications take advantage of the Intel technologies available to their customers, both now and in the future.”

We are glad to hear this. We have spent a lot of time over the last year optimizing TransNexus software for multi-core processors. We are looking forward to the Intel certification to verify the competitive advantage we offer our customers.