Solutions For Service Providers

Complete VoIP Management for Service Providers

Intelligent Routing. Fraud Detection. Billing Support. Reporting + Analytics.

TransNexus solutions are designed for VoIP service providers to provision routes, rates, and number translation rules, while detecting fraud, monitoring traffic and quality of service, all from an easy-to-use web interface.

Solutions for Service Providers

Discover how ACN chose TransNexus solutions to control both cost and fraud with least cost routing and fraud detection.

ACN Logo“We appreciate vendors such as TransNexus that are nimble and focused. TransNexus has always been very responsive to our technical support needs and requests for new features. TransNexus is the only vendor that we have found to integrate routing and telecom fraud control in a single solution.”Learn More.

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Whatever challenges your business faces, TransNexus has the solutions!

ClearIP® is the cloud-based platform for advanced telecom management services. No on-premise server required. No set up time. Just log into the ClearIP® interface and start sending traffic. Learn more.

NexOSS is smart management of your VoIP network. It is a complete suite of back office applications for easily managing your network. The easy-to-use interface allows you to find least cost routes, rates, fraud, and number translation rules. Learn more.

NexOSS-FC is the most powerful fraud prevention tool for VoIP networks. Cutting edge SIP Analytics® fraud detection, which detects fraud before it enters your network, powers NexOSS-FC and will bring your company's fraud control to the next level. Learn more.

CDRAnalyzer is a simple, high performing solution for locating and archiving Call Detail Records. You can receive a complete call history analysis with one easy solution. Learn more.