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You may not be a VoIP service provider, but your network runs like one.

Today, enterprises have sophisticated telecommunications networks and face many challenges including understanding your telecom expense, managing you VoIP network, and preventing fraud. TransNexus is here to help you better manage your complex VoIP network.

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Discover how one enterprise chose NexOSS to drive down costs with dynamic least cost routing.

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Infinity Marketing is a marketing business, specializing in lead generation. It's known for excellent customer service and a 99% customer retention rate. They use live agents to initiate outbound calls 12 hours a day, 5 days a week via a proprietary system capable of connecting hundreds of phone lines. They're just one example of an enterprise partnering with TransNexus to help manage their network.

“We have reduced costs dramatically and we now have transparency as to where we are sending all of these calls.”

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TransNexus has a solution to fit your organization, whatever your current needs.

NexOSS is smart management of your VoIP network. It is a complete suite of back office applications for easily managing your network. The easy-to-use interface allows you to find least cost routes, rates, fraud, and number translation rules. Learn more.

NexOSS-FC is the most powerful fraud prevention tool for VoIP networks. Cutting edge SIP Analytics® fraud detection, which detects fraud before it enters your network, powers NexOSS-FC and will bring your company's fraud control to the next level. Learn more.

SDReporter is comprehensive management of your session border controllers. It creates detailed Quality of Service reporting, alarms, and fraud detection unmatched in the industry. The software uses your VoIP network data and optimizes the collected information to detect fraud and return robust reporting. Learn more.