Solutions for Enterprises

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Your Session Border Controller collects data on every call that flows through your network, but how do you use that data to optimize your network?  TransNexus’ SDReporter solution was designed specifically for enterprises to use the data your SBC collects to create detailed Quality of Service reporting and alarms unlike anything else in the industry.


Solutions for Enterprises

Near Real Time Reports and Alarms

SDReporter’s Near Real Time Reporting gives you the reports and alarms to detect quality of service problems before your customers do.  Within minutes, CDRs can be incorporated into reports, and E-mail and SNMP Alarms provide an immediate alert when problems occur. Alarm triggers can be set for any of the call completion or quality of service statistics.


Acme Packet Integration

SDReporter is easy to use and easy to install.  Unlike other QoS solutions on the market, SDReporter does not require you to add probes to your network.  Rather, it seamlessly integrates with your Acme Packet SBC.   CDR files are simply pushed from your Acme Packet SBC to SDReporter will automatically be processed and written to reports.  Installation takes less than ten minutes.


SDReporter Features

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  • Simple to install and very easy to use with Acme Packet Session Border Controllers

  • Detailed Call Completion Reports and Call Signaling Alarms

  • Fast access to find, view or download individual CDRs

  • Sixty-five web based reports

  • Easy to Understand Color Coded Quality of Service Reports

  • E-Mail and SNMP Alarms

  • *New* Fraud Detection Alarms