Your Complete Fraud Solution

NexOSS-FC is the total fraud package. Powered by cutting edge SIP Analytics® fraud prevention, NexOSS-FC detects fraud before it enters your network.

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Don't settle for just fraud detection. Prevent fraud using SIP Analytics®!

NexOSS-FC scores each SIP invite for fraud potential before it enters your network. SIP Analytics® uses the same techniques as CDR analytics, such as historical analysis and adaptive learning. However, SIP Analytics® is much faster and uses SIP header information, not available in CDRs, for smarter fraud detection.

NexOSS-FC Product Features

  • Real-time fraud detection by source IP address, calling number, and user agent
  • Automatic blocking or call diversion
  • Shield database of high-risk calling numbers, called numbers, user agents and IP addresses
  • A single NexOSS-FC instance provides fraud detection for multiple SBCs from any vendor

Host Server Specifications

  • 64 Bit Redhat Enterprise
  • Server V7
  • CentOS V7
  • VMWare Esxi VS
  • Eight CPU cores
  • 24 - 32 GB of RAM depending on calls per second

Ready for Caller Authentication with STIR/SHAKEN

Nuisance robocalls are difficult to avoid because robocallers can spoof their caller ID. The telecom industry has developed a technical standard, STIR, and a framework, SHAKEN, to validate caller ID using certificates, public/private keys, and encryption. We've added STIR/SHAKEN functionality to NexOSS-FC, and it's ready for you to evaluate today.