Smart Management of Your Network!

Easily manage your next-generation VoIP network with the power of NexOSS' suite of back office applications. NexOSS provides VoIP operators with an easy-to-use web interface to find least cost routes, rates, fraud, and number translation rules.

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NexOSS Product Features

Route Provisioning

  • Quick and easy creation of new VoIP Products
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Grade of service routing
  • Time of day - day of week Routing
  • Customer-specific dial plans

Number Translation

  • Based on any combination of Calling Number, Called Number, Source IP address, Destination IP address, Time of Day and Day of Week

Fraud Detection

  • Automatically detect spikes in calling records
  • Sends an alert to the routing server, temporarily blocking the fraudulent route

Traffic Analysis

  • Web-based traffic analysis reports allow users to drill down on the data to view traffic by customer, called number, source or destination IP address.
  • Quality of Service monitoring generate alert emails when the quality of service for any VoIP device falls below preset thresholds.
  • Automatic updates to the routing table based on quality of service analysis.


  • Call Detail Record mediation and multi-currency settlement rating
  • Rate Provisioning
  • Automated Credit Controls allow users to block calls based on a customer’s credit balance
  • Hourly profitability reports
  • Invoice and traffic summaries

Ready for Caller Authentication with STIR/SHAKEN

Nuisance robocalls are difficult to avoid because robocallers can spoof their caller ID. The telecom industry has developed a technical standard, STIR, and a framework, SHAKEN, to validate caller ID using certificates, public/private keys, and encryption. We've added STIR/SHAKEN functionality to NexOSS, and it's ready for you to evaluate today.